JUNTEK JDS-2900 Signal Generator Review

My initial thoughts after receiving my Juntek JDS-2900 15MHz signal generator. This is the lowest bandwidth model. From what I gathered on the web, the signal quality does not really scale with the higher declared BW. I will probably take a peek inside to see if the unit can be hacked though. Regarding the issue… Read More »

Fixing BOSCH SMV68M90EU heater

After 3.5 years our dishwasher stopped drying the dishes and gave E10 error. After some searching I found that the error is not related to the scaling of the heating element (descaling did not help), but the heater failure. Also I found that a new heater element costs at least 100 euro. Very disappointing, should… Read More »

Yats version 0.9.9

Changes in 0.9.9: New test case type support: run static methods as test cases. See more. Support discovering and running NUnit tests inside Yats. Finally, Yats can test itself. Speed up startup Various usability improvements and bug fixes Future work: I have partially implemented adding Notes to test log lines. You should be able to… Read More »

Yats Static Method Test Cases

In version 0.9.9 I have implemented support for very simple test cases – a static method can be a test case. Until now test cases had to be classes. All neat things like cancelling, parameter configuration and result passing are supported. Here is one example of a minimal test case method: In order to be… Read More »

Yats – version 0.9.7

An updated version of Yats is available in the Downloads section. The main highlights: Very simple int/byte etc array parameter editor – edit as text Test case search PC sleep is disabled while tests are running Multiple speed optimizations, improved logging Port emulator – added configuration in GUI Compression is used on exported log files

Yats test case Visual Studio project template

The template contains a project and test case examples. When a new project is created from this template, it contains all NuGet references and a sample test case class. Set “Start external application” in the Debugger options and point to your Gui.Winforms.YatsApplication.exe It should be enough to copy this .zip file to <USER>\Documents\Visual Studio X\Templates\ProjectTemplates… Read More »

Elmo LED šviestuvai…

Įsigijome ELMO LED įmontuojamų 6W šviestuvų. Pastebėjimai iš karto: Norint naudoti vonioje, pardavėjas siūlė hermetizavimo “paslaugą”. Po 7€ vienetui, užsakymas padaromas per mėnesį. Rimtai, mėnesį. Auksiniais pirštais patepama silikonu bei pakeičiamas maitblokis į hermetišką. Ačiū, nereikia, už tokius pinigus galėčiau visą dieną tuo užsiimti. Buvo pasirinkimas tik iš “šaltos” ir “šiltos” spalvų gamos. Ėmėm šiltą,… Read More »