Yats downloads:

Yats v0.9.10 (168 downloads) . Fixes installer problem causing runtime crash

Yats v0.9.9 (505 downloads) . Details

Yats test case Visual Studio project template (479 downloads)

Old versions:w

Yats v0.9.8 (390 downloads) . Fixes a problem with SQLite DLLs missing from the installer

Yats v0.9.7 (395 downloads) . Details

Yats v0.9.6 (386 downloads) . Details

Yats v0.9.5 (432 downloads) . Details

Yats v0.9.4 (283 downloads)

Yats is distributed in binary form under Apache 2.0 license. The software is free to use for personal and commercial purposes. Feedback will be appreciated.