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Simple Torrent Streaming in Linux

This is a solution how to enable single-click Torrent streaming (view without download) in Linux. First, install Node.js and Peerflix:   Then, create a helper script, let’s call it ~/stream.sh:   Add executable permission:   Right-click a .torrent file in a file browser. Do Open With and choose the stream.sh script. Next time, the option… Read More »

Convert EPUB to MOBI in command line

The following terminal command will recursively convert .EPUB books in the current directory to Kindle MOBI format. The original files are kept. The ebook-convert program is part of calibre package (in Ubuntu and similar, run sudo apt-get install calibre).

Enable anti-clickjacking X-Frame-Options header

The Nikto scanner came up with this minor ‘hole’: + The anti-clickjacking X-Frame-Options header is not present The rationale behind Anti-Clickjacking is described in http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-websec-x-frame-options-00 and http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/13341/security-issues-using-iframes To enable the header in Apache: 1) enable mod-headers module, if not enabled yet. Command: 2) add line “Header always append X-Frame-Options SAMEORIGIN” to /etc/apache2/httpd.conf 3) restart Apache… Read More »

Self hosting: Testing web server security

Since I’m starting to host this blog myself, I need to test the security of my web server. My first search ended up with Nikto scanner tool (http://hackertarget.com/nikto-tutorial/). It is very easy to run and completes the scan in less than 10 minutes. The scan is by no means complete and more tools will be… Read More »