JUNTEK JDS-2900 Signal Generator Review

By | March 5, 2019

My initial thoughts after receiving my Juntek JDS-2900 15MHz signal generator.

This is the lowest bandwidth model. From what I gathered on the web, the signal quality does not really scale with the higher declared BW. I will probably take a peek inside to see if the unit can be hacked though.

Regarding the issue of 100V on BNC connectors of other similar signal generators, unfortunately it is still there. My immediate plan is to substitute the wall wart with a quality USB charger. The supply is 5V 2A.

The first thing I noticed is how loud the buzzer is. It can be disabled in settings, however.

I was horsing around various frequency/amplitude and offset settings, as one does with a new toy.. I soon ran into an issue where after changing frequency from 4kHz to 5kHz the signal completely disappears. Turn the knob back to 4kHz and the signal appears again.. Strange. I could not reproduce it later.

Next annoyance is how the Offset and Amplitude settings interact. For example, set sine wave amplitude to 5V, then start increasing the offset by 1V. When 8V is reached, the amplitude is automatically decreased to 4V. Increase to 9V, amplitude becomes 2V. Next step, the offset becomes 0.2V and amplitude 9.99V.. Weird..

Regarding the general accuracy, it does not adjust well. For example, setting offset to 10mV results in measured 90mV offset. My scope is also cheap, but probably not so bad.

I will update this post when I decide to make modifications.

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  1. Kina

    How can we change the English language on the signal generator from Chinese language?


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