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DELL 2209WAf Disassembly

Quick info on how to start disassembling a DELL 2209WAf monitor. No pictures this time, but perhaps it will help. Remove the stand and the 4 screws behind the stand. These are the only screws in the case Pry the front bezel off. Do the corner with the buttons last. You may leave the front… Read More »

SyncMaster 225BW portrait orientation mod

The Samsung SyncMaster 225BW LCD monitor does not support pivoting. However, modifying the monitor so that it is fixed in portrait mode proved to be very easy. After it is done, the height adjustment of the stand is affected – in its highest position the bottom of the screen bezel is about 87mm from the… Read More »

Calculator LCD repair

My 12-year old Casio scientific calculator LCD stopped showing a couple of rows recently. After taking it apart, i found a flexible ribbon cable either glued or soldered to the edge of the PCB. As a first try, I heated the connection a little and it worked. Some slight finger-poking helped to find which part… Read More »

Palapinės strypo taisymas

Nakvojant per audrą skilo palapinės strypas. Radau, kad www.modelis.eu galima įsigyti įvairių stiklo pluošto vamzdelių. Palapinės taisymui reikia 8mm išorinio diametro vamzdelio. Iš pažiūros jis labai panašus į originalų, dėl tvirtumo – matysim. Išpjoviau ir įsimečiau vieną atsarginį gabalą, gal pravers kelionėje. Atnaujinimas: kol kas viskas tvarkoj Galiu pagelbėti, palikit komentarą