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Yats – version 0.9.6

An updated version of Yats is available in the Downloads section. The main highlights: Implemented undo/redo for test scenario and parameter editors Released Yats.Ports and Yats.Utilities libraries as a NuGet packages Added support for Bluetooth serial ports. Also, a special PortEmulator class for testing parsers without making actual connections Refresh of various GUI trees without… Read More »

Yats – version 0.9.5

An updated version of Yats is available in the Downloads section. The main changes: A major refactoring of logging code. Clean interfaces were defined and implemented, previous workarounds removed; Source solution upgrade – now compatible with the free Visual Studio 2013 Community edition! Created solution folders, finally started to use NuGet; Bug fixes What’s next?… Read More »

Yats – Setting Up Test Case Project

This should help you to get started writing a Yats test case. We will create a Visual Studio solution, set up project dependencies and debug a very simple test case. We are assuming that Yats is installed at C:\Program Files\Yats Create a new C# DLL project: Add the following DLL dependencies to the project: attributes.dll,… Read More »

Resize View Behind Android SlidingDrawer

I’ll describe my solution on how to resize a view under a SlidingDrawer. When the drawer is collapsed, the view (a map in my app) scales to take the additional place. I ended up having two layers (two LinearLayouts in a FrameView), each containing its actual contents and a dummy padding view. During runtime, two… Read More »

Arduino AT24C08 EEPROM Driver

Unlike some other I2C EEPROM IC drivers, AT24C08 / AT24C08A need their 2 MSB address bits sent in the first device address byte. This assumes the A2 pin is connected to ground: