Velleman PS3005D remote control commands

By | December 18, 2013

A summary of serial commands for the Velleman PS3005D lab power supply:

  • VSET1:1.20
  • ISET1:0.25
  • ISET1?
  • VSET1?
  • IOUT1?
  • VOUT1?
  • *IDN?
  • OCP0 / OCP1
  • OVP0 / OVP1
  • OUT0 / OUT1

COM port settings: 9600-8-N

Line terminators are not used. Error checking by the PSU firmware seems to be missing too :/

7 thoughts on “Velleman PS3005D remote control commands

  1. Biterror

    Do you have any docs for the Velleman PS3005D serial protocol? Thanks.

    1. Antanas Post author

      I can’t find the PDF at the moment, got it via google and EEVBlog forums

  2. ulfl

    Thanks for the info!

    That “required” me to play a bit around with that thing as well. I’ve added a slightly more detailed protocol description in the sigrok wiki:

    BTW: Which ident string do you get? I’ve bought my device recently and it returns: VELLEMANPS3005DV2.0

    Have fun!

  3. Christian

    Hello, trying to connect and send string *IND? or *ind* but nothing happens?
    I can hear a beep form the device and frontpannel is disabled so it seems there is some communication.
    I have a straight 9p-f to 9pM form my pc to the device, I cannot use the usb port because the driver is not certified for windows 8.1.

    Please help me to get this nice power supply to work.

  4. Rudolf

    Hello Antanas,
    I have seen at
    that it is planned to write a software driver for this power supply.
    I have build an Arduino controlled power supply, and like to adopt the Velleman PS3005 protocol.
    To write 2 drivers at the same time looks too difficult for me.

    Is there a chance that you make thisPS3005 driver in the near future?

    Best regards, Rudolf


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