Arduino AT24C08 EEPROM Driver

Unlike some other I2C EEPROM IC drivers, AT24C08 / AT24C08A need their 2 MSB address bits sent in the first device address byte. This assumes the A2 pin is connected to ground:

Velleman PS3005D M5 Memory

The M5 memory slot of the Velleman PS3005D / Korad KA3005P is described in the manual. There is not much to it: To recall M5 settings, press M4 and turn the dial clockwise; To save M5, do nothing.  It is auto-saved

Logitech MX Revolution Silent Mod

There is a nice tutorial about silencing mouse buttons at instructables. I have done the same on my MX Revolution, the difference is obvious. The screwdriver shows the tabs to press and bend. Put on some sticky tape on top of the button to hold the little pin in place.