Yats – Composite Test Cases

Yats now supports composite test cases. A selected test sequence or part of it can be exported to a test case file: Be sure to save the file in a directory set up to contain test cases: The test case shows up in the Test Case window. Now it can be added to other test… Read More »

Yats – Setting Up Test Case Project

This should help you to get started writing a Yats test case. We will create a Visual Studio solution, set up project dependencies and debug a very simple test case. We are assuming that Yats is installed at C:\Program Files\Yats Create a new C# DLL project: Add the following DLL dependencies to the project: attributes.dll,… Read More »

Resize View Behind Android SlidingDrawer

I’ll describe my solution on how to resize a view under a SlidingDrawer. When the drawer is collapsed, the view (a map in my app) scales to take the additional place. I ended up having two layers (two LinearLayouts in a FrameView), each containing its actual contents and a dummy padding view. During runtime, two… Read More »

Better VirtualBox Raw Disk Access

This is not shown in VirtualBox manual, but it makes a better sense to me to address the raw disk or partition by its name or UUID when creating the VMDK file: instead of it is better to use e.g.: This way, the virtual device is not affected by the device name (dev/sdX) change