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Arduino compiler nonsense

I have spent a few hours investigating where all the RAM has gone in my new Arduino project. I need to investigate newer versions (still running 1.0), I really hope there are improvements. My favorite WTFs: string constants are stored in RAM string constants can be stored in Flash. For that you need to wrap… Read More »

Yats – Test Repository Manager

A Test Repository Manager is an interface between Yats framework and test case implementation. Currently only one Manager is implemented in order to support test cases written in C# (classes implementing IYatsTestCase interface). In the future, repository managers for shell scripts, NUnit test cases and other tests should be added. Multiple Repository Managers can be… Read More »

Yats – Test Case Result Types

All Yats test cases finish by returning one of the following results: NOT_RUN – set by Yats execution environment if the test case was skipped PASS / FAIL – returned by the test case itself INCONCLUSIVE – unexpected execution – the test case could not determine pass/fail or an exception was thrown during test case… Read More »