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Convert EPUB to MOBI in command line

The following terminal command will recursively convert .EPUB books in the current directory to Kindle MOBI format. The original files are kept. The ebook-convert program is part of calibre package (in Ubuntu and similar, run sudo apt-get install calibre).

Self-hosting my blog

I’m starting to self-host my blog. That also means changing the blog engine from Serendipity to WordPress. I hope all will run smooth after the upgrade

How to enable DHCP on USB gadget

I have spent a couple of days scratching my head while trying to configure USB network gadget adapter. The platform is OpenEmbedded Linux on AT91, connected to a Windows 7 PC. Here we go: The first small problem was that the network connection shows up as ‘cable disconnected’ in Windows. It is solved by putting… Read More »

Restoring ZFS drive

Today I ran through an exercise of restoring a ZFS pool. The beginning of one hard drive participating in the pool (no raidz) was incidentally overwritten.. by me. I’m glad I noticed the mixup and cancelled dd, but still 60MB was gone. I spent a few evenings analysing and fixing the MBR, partition table and… Read More »