Yats – version 0.9.6

An updated version of Yats is available in the Downloads section. The main highlights: Implemented undo/redo for test scenario and parameter editors Released Yats.Ports and Yats.Utilities libraries as a NuGet packages Added support for Bluetooth serial ports. Also, a special PortEmulator class for testing parsers without making actual connections Refresh of various GUI trees without… Read More »

Yats – version 0.9.5

An updated version of Yats is available in the Downloads section. The main changes: A major refactoring of logging code. Clean interfaces were defined and implemented, previous workarounds removed; Source solution upgrade – now compatible with the free Visual Studio 2013 Community edition! Created solution folders, finally started to use NuGet; Bug fixes What’s next?… Read More »

Simple Torrent Streaming in Linux

This is a solution how to enable single-click Torrent streaming (view without download) in Linux. First, install Node.js and Peerflix:   Then, create a helper script, let’s call it ~/stream.sh:   Add executable permission:   Right-click a .torrent file in a file browser. Do Open With and choose the stream.sh script. Next time, the option… Read More »

Power Down Sleep with ATtiny441 / ATtiny841

I have spent some time putting together a firmware to enable Power Down sleep mode in ATtiny441. The examples on the web did not do the trick out of the box. Here is my code with some leftover bits for enabling / disabling peripheral devices when they are used. The MCU goes to Power Down… Read More »

Mastech MS2115A Clamp Multimeter Review

The Mastech MS2115A is a relatively inexpensive, 6000 count AC/DC current clamp meter with True RMS, Min/Max/Inrush measurement and integrated NCV. There is unfortunately no temperature measurement. It will replace a $5 living-dead multimeter and a voltage detector in my toolbox. I will not check the precision in this review since it is probably OK… Read More »

Yats – Composite Test Cases

Yats now supports composite test cases. A selected test sequence or part of it can be exported to a test case file: Be sure to save the file in a directory set up to contain test cases: The test case shows up in the Test Case window. Now it can be added to other test… Read More »

Yats – Setting Up Test Case Project

This should help you to get started writing a Yats test case. We will create a Visual Studio solution, set up project dependencies and debug a very simple test case. We are assuming that Yats is installed at C:\Program Files\Yats Create a new C# DLL project: Add the following DLL dependencies to the project: attributes.dll,… Read More »